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Georgi Sedov's Polar Expedition to North Pol

manufacturer: rafm
sculptor: bob murch
code: RAF02971
original name: Call of Cthulhu Miskatonic University Expedition to Antarctica
painted: Oktober 2004

Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov (April 23 (May 5), 1877 February 20 (March 5), 1914) was a Russian Arctic explorer.
In 1912, he suggested a sleigh expedition for reaching the North Pole. Tsarist government refused to finance this project, and the expedition was organized with the help from independent sources. On August 14(27), 1912, Sedov's ship "Svyatoy Foka" left Arkhangelsk and had to stay for the winter near Novaya Zemlya because of impassable ice. The expedition reached Franz Josef Land only in August of 1913, however, it had to stay for the second winter in the Tikhaya Bay due to lack of coal. On February 2(15), 1914, Sedov (already sick with scurvy) and his accompanying seamen G.Linnik and A.Pustotniy reached the North Pole with their draft dogs. Before reaching the Rudolf Island, Sedov died and was buried at Cape Auk on this island.
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Arctic Explorer Georgi Sedov
Seamen Grigorij Linnik
Seamen Aleksej Pustotniy

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