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The Mad Baron - An Asian Desperado

Psychopathic White Russian general, Ungern-Sternberg: "Chinggis Khan, my great-grandfather..."
manufacturer: copplestone castings
sculptor: mark copplestone
code: BC15
original name: The Mad Baron
painted: Summer 2004

Baron Roman Ungern Sternberg, also known as the Mad Baron, dreams of an independent pan-Mongol state, a Central Asian empire to rival Gingghis Khan’s and which would be the first step towards a worldwide empire. “If the madness and corruption of mankind continue to threaten the divine spirit in man’s heart, to shed blood and to prevent all moral progress, then the Asian state must put an end to this destructive process and establish a sure and lasting peace”, he said.

Ungern-Sternberg, alias the "Mad Baron"
I will be king of the world!

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