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Freak Show of the Dr.Szabo
The world is for thousands a freak show
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Dr. Jaques Desny Szabo, Scientist, Frenchman of hungarian descent is one of the greatest minds of this world. He was working for the french government on the prisoner's isle in Guayana. His work was the creation of the new generation of the super soldiers for the french army. His experiments were dangerous and unsuccessful. Things went off course when his son Hugo died, the french colonial police began to ask unpleasant questions and the government left Dr.Szabo to fend for himself.
Szabo fled and went to Cairo where he took his work up again. Nobody knows what the goal Dr.Szabo sets himself, nobody in Cairo knows anything about his past, there he's known as the very kind and charming old man who works for the Freak Show...

In the streets of Cairo
Squeaky, Doctor's favourit pet
Unknown animal species
found somewhere in the South Pacific
RAFM, Bob Murch, RAF02944, Sand Dwellers
Dr. Jaques Desny Szabo, Scientist
The Lord of the Freaks

Black Tree Design, DW420, Professor Kettlewell
Oleg, the bodyguard
Gipsy descent, ex-legionnaire
was dishonourable discharged, on suspicion
of murder of colonel Leroux

Westwind, Andy Cooper, GH00042, Gypsie Characters

The Fishboy is trying to flee but the Dr.Szabo is all pervasive
The Fishboy, unknown species but without doubt intelligent,
captured nearly Insmouth. There's a rumour that the Doctor
talks to him at night. Nobody knows about...

RAFM, Bob Murch, RAF02922, Deep Ones Mutant Fishmen
Gorgo, the Mecha Ape. Experiment Number 56, the first that succeeded.
Unstable behaviour, regular fits of rage

Westwind, Bob Naismith, SF-ZA02, Ape-Austin

I have an ape and I'm not afraid to use it!

Mario Szabo, known as Gila, the Carpathian Giantess. Dauther of the Dr.Szabo,
a victim of his genetic experiments.

Westwind, Bob Naismith, SF-BR02, Brick 2 (female) [Giantess]
Pascal Szabo, the Son of the Doctor, become crazy when his twin brother Hugo died. One of the experiment gorillas was going mad and killed Hugo. Pascal lost his mind as he saw how the ape nibbled at the head of Hugo
RAFM, Bob Murch, 2915, Crazed Clergy

Freaks vs. the Mummy

Laslo Benedek, the circus director, in fact a marionette of Szabo, always in hypnotic state
Copplestone, BT1, Bad Things 1
Erszébet Magyarka, talented chemistress, poison brewer and ex-agent of the hungarian secret service, the only passion of the Doctor
Copplestone, BT1, Bad Things 1

Time to enter into new alliance

Budai Borcza, known as Buldog, The Mountain Strongman. The Doctor meet him at one of his Carpathian expeditions. Budai was a recluse and resided in a cave.
Pulp Figures, Bob Murch, PHP 9, Freakish Flunkies
The Faceless Freak. Nobody (apart from Dr.Szabo)didn't see his face. Nobody doesn't know anything about him. Only the Doctor...
Westwind, Andy Cooper, GHD0006, Freaks

In the name of the Lord!!

What he is thinking about?

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