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Red Army Bolshevik Commissars

manufacturer: copplestone castings
sculptor: mark copplestone
code: BC2
original name: bolshevik comissars
painted: may 2004

Proletarii vseh stran, soedinnates'!!!

Fyodor is my first painted red army commissar. It is a very impressive miniature, full of drive. I have really enjoyed painting him. The name Fyodor Sukhov comes from an old Russian adventure and action cult movie "The White Sun Of The Desert".

Amazon.com: "In this international cult favorite, a Central-Asian action film, the Red Army clashes with counter-revolutionary robber bands. Demobbed soldier Fyodor Sukhov is making his way through the desert to his home village, where the band of brutal Abdulla is raging. Sukhov is charged with escorting the chief's harem, because Abdulla intended to kill his women rather than let them go free. Sukhov"s mate, young soldier Petrukha, dies at the hand of Abdulla, but at a decisive moment, Sukhov gets help from the former customs officer Vereschchagin and a poor peasant."

Red Comissar Fyodor Sukhov

I can highly recommend this movie and it has images that will stay with you long after seeing it, it's just the right movie for a Back of Beyond wargamer

Comissar Vjaceslav Molotov
Michail Budjennyj
Felix Dzerzhinskij, Cheka upolnomochennyj

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